We offer high heat ceramic coating and heat dissipation coatings.

An example of ceramic coatings is:

When seeking performance, looks and temperature stability, there is only one coating that stands on the podium for all three at once. high-temperature coatings are the ultimate solution for parts such as exhausts, headers, turbos and manifolds.

Protect your engine

Your engine system can get extremely hot. You can protect your engine and make it last with a high-heat ceramic coating service from Freedom Fab & Powder. We'll help you avoid rust and corrosion by applying a heat-resistant ceramic coating to various areas in your vehicle or farming equipment.

Our heat dissipation coating service is great for:

  • Manifolds
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Turbine housings
  • Exhaust headers
  • Intakes and brackets

We complete our heat dissipation coating service for chrome, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and cast-iron surfaces. You'll make your engine more durable and reduce the risk of overheating your engine system.

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